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OZ Machine Company "Cookies 'n Cream" Bearings (1 set of 2 bearings)

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These bearings are made in house on our Swiss lathe using Natural (white) Acetal Plastic. The Grade 5 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls are supplied by BC Precision in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We chose the natural color plastic so you can see any gunk that needs cleaned off and - because it looks awesome! We cut the ball sockets as big and as loose as possible for a free rolling ball, but just tight enough to allow the balls to hold the cage off the scale to ensure no drag.  This creates a super fast bearing!  Our "Cookies 'n Cream" bearings will fit all existing Roosevelts.  


Outside Diameter = .416"
Inside Diameter = .257
Ball Diameter = .0625
Ball Count = 10


Please Note:  Bearing orders may take a few days to ship due to assembly and packaging time. Thank you for your order and for your patience!

All OZ Machine Company replacement parts are non-refundable.  Install at your own risk - OZ Machine Company is not responsible for damages due to installation mishaps.

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