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Dark Stonewashed "Little John" Titanium Pen. Engraved Clip. Stonewashed & Satin Accents.

Regular price $150.00

OZ "Little John" pen.  Engraved Clip. Dark stonewashed finish with stonewashed and satin accents and satin bolts.

The name pays homage to John Hancock, one of our founding fathers, while also letting you know this is a little pen. The objective when designing this pen was to make the slimmest and easiest to carry bolt action pen on the market, while keeping it very useful for day-to-day writing tasks.  It's a great size for carrying in your pocket to jot down notes, sign receipts, etc.

  • Deep carry spring clip
  • Made completely of grade 5 Titanium
  • Made completely in house by OZ Machine Company (aside from the refill, spring, and o-ring)
  • Engraved with OZ Logo for grip.
  • 2-piece body. The only seam is right below the bolt.
  • Short throw bolt. This makes it very fun and easy to actuate.

Size and Specs