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OZ Roosevelt Screw Sets - Please select a finish option from the drop-down menu, not from the photo gallery.

Regular price $55.00

These screw sets are for the standard size Roosevelt.  They will NOT work for the XL Roosevelt.

*Please be sure to select a finish option from the drop-down menu when you're ready to add a screw set to your cart.  Selecting a different photo of a different color from the photo gallery will not change the finish selection on the drop-down menu.  Thank you!

Each Set Includes:

  • 4 Backspacer Screws (size: 2-56 x .125) 
  • 1 Clip Screw (size: 2-56 x .165)
  • 2 Low-Profile Pivot Screws (size: 6-40 x .180)
  • 1 lock insert screw (not shown in photo, yet)
  • *Our screw sets do NOT include a pivot barrel.  We recommend keeping the original barrel with your Roosevelt, as it is tuned specifically to its original barrel.

These screws are made in house on our Swiss lathe out of 6AL4V Titanium.  Every screw is T8 with a chamfer on the torx to keep them looking fresh after many takedowns.

*Colors may appear differently in person than they do on a screen, due to the way the camera and screens display color.  The appearance of anodizing can also vary due to base finish, chemical wear during the anodizing process, oil (fingerprints) on the finished surface, and other factors.  All OZ Machine Company replacement parts are non-refundable.  Install at your own risk - OZ Machine Company is not responsible for damages due to installation mishaps.

*Screw sets may take a few business days to ship due to processing time.

Please Note: These low-profile pivot screws will NOT work on older Roosevelts with the spanner style pivots or the square shoulder pivots. They will only work with Roosevelts that originally had dome or low-profile pivot screws (roughly Roosevelt #262 and higher). 

Helpful Video Tutorials:

(353) Removing a knife pivot screw from the barrel - YouTube

(353) OZ Machine Roosevelt Disassembly and Maintenance - YouTube