Pre-Order Roosevelt Options

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Congratulations on your speed/success in my most recent drop! Your support means everything to me and my family and I can't wait to see what you select!

Please have your selections chosen and submitted within a couple days after receiving the link. Please be sure to only select a quantity of 1 in the cart. I built this page around drop down menus and am sticking to the options listed in order to get these in your hands at a faster rate. That being said, please don't contact me requesting options that are not on the list, as I am firmly only offering the listed options for this round of orders. Thank you for your understanding!

I'm sending these out 10 at a time and will do them in the order they come in on my website. International orders are shipped at the buyer's risk. All buyers are responsible for knowing their country/state laws and regulations. I am absolutely willing to ship to a proxy in the U.S. if you have one. Thank you again for the support, and take care!