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Roosevelt Options, Round #5

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Hey guys! Please look over the options carefully and know what you are selecting. If you have any questions about what a certain finish looks like please visit my Instagram for examples or use the Roosevelt Museum on this website. If that does not work please reach out via email and I will try to help. The options listed are the only options. Please don't ask for options or finishes not on the list. The answer will be no to keep it fair for everyone. A few things to note: All anodizing will be done over a stonewashed finish. If you select the double anodized option please keep in mind that the lower voltage color will be the more dominate color of the two. For example, if you select green (100v) and purple (75v) with full radial scales you will get green in the radial milling pattern and the rest of the scale (for the most part) will be purple. International orders are shipped at the buyer's risk. All buyers are responsible for knowing their country/state laws and regulations. Thank you so much for the support!