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Roosevelt Spa Spot

Regular price $75.00

This is a Roosevelt "SPA" Spot.  We are only accepting a limited number of SPAs, so once this item is sold out, the SPA books are officially closed. SPA spots are nontransferable.  If you purchase a SPA spot, your Roosevelt must arrive at OZ Machine Company by 4/28/2023 or your order will be refunded and cancelled.

We will sharpen, clean, and adjust your Roosevelt for the price of the SPA spot ($75).  This includes re-blasting and/or stonewashing the scales, clip, backspacer, and screws to original factory specs.  Re-anodizing to original factory specs will be offered at an additional cost. We are not refurbishing blades. 

You, the customer, are responsible for shipping to and from, and for additional fees from additional services requested/rendered.  After you've purchased your SPA spot and have received your order confirmation, we will email you a form with the remaining details and instructions for shipping. 

We are not modifying or altering Roosevelts.  We are only offering to restore them to factory specs (if possible) and making sure they are functioning at 100%.  Please do not ask for us to add milling patterns or modify your Roosevelt from its original factory specs. That is not what this service is. The $75 service charge is the minimum fee. Parts replacements, anodizing, and more in-depth work will all be at an additional charge, which will be discussed with you via email directly from us at  Please do not contact us via social media or respond to any other email addresses regarding your Roosevelt's service. 

For U.S. locations, we (OZ MACHINE COMPANY) will insure your Roosevelt for our original selling price, plus the price of the service completed with this inquiry, when we ship it back to you.  Customers are responsible for knowing their local laws and regulations. International packages are shipped uninsured and at the risk of the customer.  Domestic packages are shipped via USPS and shipping costs $18.  All international packages are shipped uninsured via DHL Express Worldwide and prices typically range from $90 - $195, depending on location.